Natural Deodorants – Aluminum-Free Deodorants – Stop the Odor Naturally

When people buy a deodorant, they don’t usually stop and read the ingredients, but next time you buy an antiperspirant, take a look and if it contains aluminum it may be time to consider buying an alternative that does not. Read the label carefully, and make sure that it says aluminum free deodorant.

The problem with aluminum is that it is a toxin. It is added in the form of aluminum salts to prevent sweating under the arms, it does this by temporarily blocking the pores of the skin and it can be absorbed by the body in the process, especially if there is any skin damage caused by shaving. There is also the environmental issue, because the toxins are washed down the drain into the waterways, causing pollution.

Although aluminum is used extensively in everyday life, including in the form of foil to wrap food during cooking, it has been connected to a range of diseases, including Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, kidney problems and seizures. Research has shown that if people over use antiperspirants containing aluminum, they increase the risk of contracting one of these conditions. Sometimes the under arm skin becomes irritated after using an antiperspirant and this rash can often be caused by aluminum or one of the other ingredients, this usually happens when the person has sensitive skin.

Deodorants and antiperspirant deodorants are not the same product. Most deodorants do not contain aluminum and instead have ingredients which work to kill the bacteria which causes odor. Because of this they still allow perspiration, which although is a natural process, may not be appealing to many of us. It is possible to reduce the amount of sweat in a more healthy way, by first using an aluminum free deodorant product and while it is still wet, apply a dusting of ordinary baking soda to the under arm area.

Antiperspirants are not a new product, they were first introduced in the 1900s and contained a much higher level of aluminum compounds which made them very acidic, this caused not only skin irritation, but damage to clothing as the products would eat through it! Of course they were not well received and only became popular in the 1940s when a different formula was used. Even today, clothing can develop yellow stains around the under arm area, this is due to the aluminum chloride ingredient in antiperspirants.

Deodorants are an even older invention, the ancient Egyptians living in intense heat used to apply herbs and spices to counteract body odor. Some worked better than others and cinnamon was very popular. There are many 54 deodorant without aluminum available today which contain natural ingredients, such as lavender and are very effective at preventing odor. It is also possible to make your own from organic oils and cornstarch. There are many recipes to be found on the internet and with a little experimentation you can make your own which is a less harmful alternative than antiperspirants containing aluminum.

If you prefer to buy a ready-made product, look for ones which contain essential oils and natural ingredients, if in doubt, a quick look online will show you some brands, these will be much kinder to your skin and quite possibly to your health.