Tips to Make Small Kitchen Feel Bigger and More Efficient

In most families home, the kitchen is usually the hub where the family meet to eat, cook, laugh and share in special moments. To make your small kitchen appealing and multifunctional you will need a smart plan, the good news is it is very possible. The below organizing and decorating small kitchen ideas will help you make your kitchen delectable, which is a great step in ensuring that you enjoy cooking and eating in the kitchen. At times we are not willing to knock out kitchen wall to great more space, however, you can still make your kitchen look bigger with the following strategies.

Replace Solid Cabinet Doors with Glass Doors


Cabinet glass doors help make the look of the cabinetry lighter and make visual more clear since you can see everything in the cabinet. The doors make your kitchen seem bigger, however, remember not to use bric-a-brac to clutter the interior since it will work against the purpose. Despite making your kitchen look bigger, glass doors also add a designer touch to your small kitchen, meaning it is a perfect way to turn your kitchen into a decorative showcase.

Choose Furnishings with Small Footprint


Furnishing your kitchen with a small footprint such as slim chairs, petite islands, narrow tables and streamlined stools ensures that valuable floor space is not consumed. It is recommendable to avoid furniture that adds visual bulk, for example, the chunky furniture legs. Also, small kitchen furniture helps minimize the chances of you tripping over and make the kitchen very welcoming and elegant. In addition, a kitchen which is space packed as a result of huge furnishing is usually not efficient nor is it welcoming.

Recess Storage


Storage is one issue that people with small kitchen do struggle about since they are afraid that the place will end up being cluttered. However, there are small kitchen ideas that helps you make maximum use of the space in your kitchen. For instance, you can make your kitchen spacious and more attractive by using open shelves and drainers that hold the cutlery. The reason why open shelves and drainers are recommended is because they help reduce obstruction of kitchen flow.

A Well-Lit Kitchen


Surprisingly, if you ensure your small kitchen have enough lighting, the kitchen will feel more spacious. For instance, you may install huge glass door which will ensure that your narrow kitchen gets adequate light all the time. Also, such a door gives your kitchen modern appearance, it is not a must that you install fancy cabinets that have great detailing. Flooding the kitchen space with light will make it more appealing, remember it does not matter whether your kitchen is painted using pale or dark colors. Things such as window treatment should be removed or if you must use them keep them simple so as not to block the light from the sun.