Ombre Hair: A Hair Trend That Refuses To Fade Away

Very few fashion trends survive through one season to the next, forget about many fashion seasons in a row. Trends may make a comeback after a break but ruling the fashion circuits for a continuous period of time? Impossible. However, proving this fashion myth wrong, there is a trend which is not just making waves since past two years, but has no signs of slowing down in the race of popularity. Yes, indeed we are talking about Ombre Hair trend and the fashion world’s obsession with dual toned hair doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

A trend that received mixed reviews when it was first sported by the likes of Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rachel Bilson too, has now found ardent supporters and fans in many A-list Hollywood celebs including the style Goddesses like Katy Perry and Nicole Kidman.

For those living in the moon and unaware of what Ombre hair is all about, here’s a little background of this biggest hair trend of the decade. The origin of Ombre hair has been traced back to France, but the trend made heads turn the very first time in the year 2007 when hot and super sexy supermodel Gisele Bündchen sported her hair in a unique style, which was dyed in tow tones starting with a darker shade and subtly fading from the root to the tips with a lighter color. Although the ombre hair trend first started with the gradual lighting of the color from a darker shade to a lighter one, today there are many variations of it including the vivid hues such as pink or lavender or turquoise at the tips.

So, if you too are kicked about getting ombre hair and DIY is your way, here are some useful tips to get it perfect at the first go.

1. Get your basics right: Unless you are ready to face the world with your hair looking like a painting canvas, it’s better to get the basics right on how to do it yourself. YouTube tutorials come handy in such situations. Be confident of your act before you start dying your hair.

2. Find an example: You may have an experimental nature but for best results find an example which has similar hair and skin tone as yours to avoid mishaps and disasters.

3. Choose the right colors: It is very important to use colors that are in harmony with each other. Spend some time deciding the highlight and the base color before dying your hair in contrasting hues to end up looking like a fashion victim.

4. Use foils for better results: Foils are a magical product as far as hair dying is concerned. It not only prevents the unwanted overlapping of colors but also helps with even results.

5. Make layers in your hair: Do not try to color all your hair at one go, make small layers instead. What did you think, dying hair at home is a child’s play? Be patient, your hard work will certainly pay off. source: cute diy projects

6. Go easy on bleaching: If the highlight doesn’t have a built-in bleach to it, you will have to bleach the hair first. But, go easy on bleaching and don’t overdo your easy diy hairstyle for long hair. It may look harsh and cheap.

7. Add a few random highlights: To give it a professional touch, add a few highlights around your face. The weaving technique is the best way to do. Use your dye brush or teasing comb on the pointy tip to get the best results.

Now that you have the ombre hair or some other cute hairstyles for short hair, own it like a diva. If you love it. Everyone else will love it too.